Saturday, December 01, 2007


Hi everyone,
Yep, I'm still here...been crazy busy and I'll just make that my excuse for not bloggin g more. The TV pledge drive just started at work, and I'm still scrambling around trying to get all that stuff finished. If you live in SE Ohio, you'll be able to see me on WOUB TV on the 16th pitching the Daniel O'Donnell Rock and Roll Show (crossing my fingers that I do a good job and choose an outfit that looks good on camera ;) ). If you don't live in SE Ohio and want to see some of my handiwork,you can go to the Support page on and check out ALL the premiums that are listed there...Nope, it's not really all that exciting but it DID take an awfully long time to get together and put online.

Thankfully, it's the weekend, and I've got plans to go to knitting group at the library (which I usually sleep through but here I am, awake at 8:20 in the morning on a Saturday), the Farmers Market, and a Holiday Craft Show at the Dairy Barn Arts Center. Then, it's time to DECORATE and start doing some Christmas shopping and watch Christmas movies and bake and knit and drink hot chocolate ...


Hope everyone is having a wonderful Saturday.

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