Thursday, December 06, 2007

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree...

We got our tree up on Sunday, after a marathon shopping trip to Lancaster and dinner with friends (so, I think we actually finished putting it up early Monday morning). Anyway, it's really cute, and I love it.

I'm especially loving the tree topper...which is the one from John's family's tree when he was a kid. John brought it up from the basement when we stopped to borrow the tree. I thought it was adorable, but unfortunately, it didn't work...

However, after buying a new set of lights (and a glue gun), carefully dismantling the topper, and hot gluing all the new lights in place one by's back to it's former, blinking glory! And before you think, "wow...Abbie did a lot of work to fix that," you should know that John was the one who did it all. What can I say, he sports a mean glue gun. ;)

So, I love the topper...and the fact that John went to so much trouble to fix it and that he insisted that it blinked because that's what it did when he was little.

I'm also getting a kick out of all his boy ornaments. I mean, I grew up in a house with all girls, so it never even crossed my mind that boys might have totally different in addition to the snowflakes, bears, dolls, etc. etc...we have Joe Montana throwing a pass...Jean Luc Picard standing in a transporter...and a Darth Vader with his glowing red light-saber rasping, "You are not a Jedi yet.." whenever I turn on the tree. How fun is that??


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Brenna said...

super cute!