Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Heck yeah!

A few weeks ago, I entered Lisa Yee's 2nd Annual Bodacious Book Title Contest (a contest that involved changing one word in a book title to a rhyming word and then writing a sentence about the resulting book).

I entered a ton of different titles, and I found out today that one of my submissions was named a highly commended title!!!!!!

Unfortunately, I don't win anything, but it is the most exciting thing that's happened ALL year (way more exciting than feeding the dog, letting her outside, and making tea).

You can read the winning titles and my commended title here, and if you'd like to read all of my non-commended titles (I'm partial to the one about the lepers), they're in the comment section of this post (on pages 3 and 4).

So, I'm having a pretty happy year so far! Hope that you are, too!

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