Friday, January 18, 2008

Or something like that...

Okay, turns out I don't have enough friends/readers/anyone who has a blog and wants some cool homemade type, no worries about the blog thing...the next two people to comment can get some sweet homemade thing from me (Brenna's already commented so she's already on the list)...ready, set, go comment!

Hmm...what else is going knitting projects are at a stand still. I divided wrong when I figured how long my dad's scarf was...actually it's about 7 1/2 feet so I still have some to go on it...I read The Goose Girl this week and liked it a lot (enough to not stop reading at midnight like I told myself I would, and stay up until 1:30 when I finished it...which led to general crankiness the next day ;) ). I got the idea to read it from Christina and from my sister, Erin...good picking ladies! ;) Next on my list is Stardust, and then I'm going to track down the Sisters Grimm books that Erin suggested.

I've been climbing again, too (yay!). I finally got a student center membership and have been 4 times already, with another trip planned for tomorrow (after I sleep in, of course....sleeping in three days in a row is my big plan for the weekend ;) )


Kit said...

Oh yes, I do believe I shall bite!

And Stardust is marvelous. The movie is fun, too.

Are you climbing walls or rocks?

Pearson Family said...

I just finished the Pretties series--and it's really really good. There's the Uglies, the Pretties, and the Specials. I read and read and read all day Thursday to finish it. :)

And, I definitely would love something from you. But, if someone else plays give it to them. But, I love your stuff. I was actually thinking yesterday (and finally figured out what I was going to send) and was wondering what you would do! So--yeah #3--maybe?

Anonymous said...

HOLA. I know I am horrible at responding, keeping in touch the end of the year and beginning few weeks have been nuts. But I will ttry to give you a ring soon. we need to catch up. Much love to you...
:) Smiles
Erin McC.