Sunday, November 08, 2009


The weather has been gorgeous here for the past few days--sunny and 60 degrees. So we've been taking Callie for some walks around town, trying to appreciate what may be the last bit of warm weather before the cold, dark winter.

Yesterday, I went to the Tour of Tables event with my mom. It was a lunch for the Domestic Violence Network, and each table had a hostess who decorated it (so we had a beach table, a few Christmas tables, one that displayed the host's hippo collection--called "Hippo Heaven," and many more). Our table was all Christmas village (the light up ceramic buildings) complete with a Santa and sleigh that circled one of the chimneys, so a few people had to dodge Santa as they ate their lunch. Mom introduced me to a bunch of people, including one person to offered to be a camp volunteer (only been here two weeks and I already have a camp volunteer? Nice!).

Then I went to the library in the afternoon and got a stack of books (Small Wonder, Reading Lolita in Tehran, A Great and Terrible Beauty, Brisingr, and two kniting books).

Today, I'm planning on reading and knitting, visiting a 4-H club at 2, and hoping some of these clouds go away (and maybe grilling for dinner--fingers crossed!)


Stina said...

I love reading your posts. Your life just always sounds cozy. Wish we lived closer...

Abbie said...

Thanks Christina!! I wish we lived closer, too! Then we could get together and do the fun stuff I read about on your blog (except maybe the running ;) )