Thursday, November 11, 2010


Whew, my writing has been a slog fest for the last several days, but there is good news...

I'm 1/3 of the way done (when it comes to days) and I hit 20,000 words this morning (and I have my words in for the day).

Parts of my novel are okay and other parts are a complete mess. I'm not sure I'll end up with anything worth reading or even editing, but I'm telling myself that's okay (sometimes I believe it and sometimes I don't).

So I tell myself that Nanowrimo is my Fourteener - completing something I didn't think I could do is the goal.

Could anything be more different--hauling my butt up the highest mountain in Colorado and sitting in my pajamas typing away at my desk? Somehow it seems the same.

The adventure continues...

(P.S. I went looking for a picture of me hiking Mt. Elbert. No luck, and wow, do I really need to organize my pictures. Here's one of me and my Dad at Schaefer's Pass, Philmont from August 1999 instead)


Kate said...

Ok seriously. It could be a novel of just you repeating the premise of "like the babysitters club with ghost hunting"and I would read it and think it was awesome because it is such a great idea.
So turn off that editing voice and just keep writing. And in full disclosure this is not a pep talk but an entirely selfish ploy to see this book someday come to fruition because I really, really want to read it.
Oh and that's funny that you mentioned my house. I think my parent's house has traumatized a whole generation of my Lawrence friends.

Abbie said...

Thanks Kate!!! I'll totally take a selfish ploy (since it's not a pep talk ;) ) if it helps me get this thing done =)