Monday, November 29, 2010

Only 1367 words to go!

Nanowrimo ends tomorrow - and I'm just 1367 words from hitting 50k! So far I've written 48,633 words. I'm on page 81. It's by far the longest thing I have ever written.

My book won't actually end at 50k unless I'm going to pull the "and it was all a dream" (I don't think so ;) ). I spent too many words setting up the story so I haven't even reached the main conflict yet. The good news is that as long as I hit 50k by midnight tomorrow I'll be a nanowrimo winner (and then I can keep working on this story at whatever pace I want)

I really was going strong on my word count - total slow and steady wins the race-until last Monday when I started missing days. Thank goodness I was about 4k ahead or else I probably wouldn't be finishing (at least not without some very late nights).

I was still 200 words behind going into this morning, but I decided that this evening would be for two things - writing and sleeping - and I got 2,166 words in. I'm halfway tempted to finish tonight, but I'm also really tempted to sit on the couch.

Tonight, the couch wins. Tomorrow, I win!



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Kate said...

Start the music... She is the champion my friends. And shee will keep writing til the end...

Abbie said...

lol...that song always makes me think of the Mighty Ducks... =)