Tuesday, April 10, 2007

New things...

I just ordered new glasses today (not that I don't like the glasses I have, but they're four years old, my prescription has changed slightly, and I actually have eye insurance to help out with the $$)...so I'm hoping that they'll get in soon...so I can post an awesome picture of them and me! =) I was going to link a picture of the frames....but that would ruin the surprise...you'll just have to live in suspense ;)

I am also plotting a new knitting project. It's http://ohmystars.net/craft/knitting/prazorcami.html
except I think I'm going to do it in Elann Collection Esprit, French Blue (hehe...I say that like I know what it is, when really I got the yarn idea from here) so thank you to those ladies for the wonderful ideas and knitting skills! I can't wait to make something cute for me...and something that's not a toddler sock (sometimes I get into a little bit of a rut... ;) ). I've never made a tank/shirt/anything like that before, but the pattern sounds doable...so keep your fingers crossed! (and now since I've told everyone about it, I better go get that yarn out of the "cart" and actually check out!)

I also already made my new recipe for the week--balsamic pork chops with grapes--it was okay...but not good enough to bother typing up ;) Hopefully next week's recipe will be worth sharing...

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