Saturday, April 21, 2007

Yay quizzes!!

Find out which Jane Austen Heroine you are here

According to the quiz I am Fanny Price(and with my awful memory, I can't remember who that is or which book she was in)but it means that I am...

"Quiet, shy, and analytical, you observe and feel much more than you can convey. You're patient with others to a fault; people may take advantage of your compliant nature. However, in matters of great importance to you, you will stand your ground, as you always care for your beliefs and convictions. Others view you as the standard of moral uprightness."

Jane Austen Leading Ladies
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And, I don't want to leave my male readers ( boyfriend) out...go here to find out which Jane Austen hero you are!

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brenna said...

Yay! I'm Elizabeth Bennet! I don't think I could have had it any other way!