Monday, May 18, 2009

Happy Happy Happy

We grilled kabobs tonight--one of my all-time, favorite foods (right up there with cake and eggplant parmesean). We also got to use our new skewers. Cute, huh? Another plus-they don't catch on fire (one of my problems with bamboo skewers).

Unfortunately, I stabbed my fingers about a zillion times (or more like 15 times) putting the kabobs together. I was also so distracted by my excitement about the kabobs and the pain in my fingers that I kept forgetting to add tomatoes.

Notes for next time:
Be more careful with skewers!!!
Decide on a kabob pattern from the start (to avoid forgotten tomatoes)
Add more pineapple (I had my doubts, but it was delicious)


Stina said...

Those look so good! And, I'm impressed that you still cook when John is a chef. If my husband cooked, I'm afraid I'd become very lazy & fat (two things you definitely aren't)! And, I'm going to learn from your mistakes and definitely make some soon! Yeah summer!

Abbie said...

Thanks Christina! I've grilled kabobs all on my own (and I'm not much a grill queen) so it's definitely do-able! These were a group project (John chopped, I assembled mine, and Callie sat around looking hungry)

Yeah, the only downside of John being a chef is that he works dinner most nights a I've got to fend for myself (sometimes on cereal or cheese and crackers ;) )