Tuesday, May 26, 2009

This year's garden

On Monday, we went to White's Mill and bought veggies for our garden. We got 12 tomato plants (Christmas Grape, Tasty Yellow Cherry, and Brandywine), 4 acorn squash, 4 banana peppers, 4 chili peppers, and what turned out to be about 22 strawberry plants.

(Yellow Tasty Cherry on the right and Christmas Grape in the back left)

I decided to spring for real tomato cages this year and a bunch of 5 gallon containers. I'm hoping the actual cages (rather than random sticks from the yard) and big enough containers will help them grow better than last year's.


I'm so excited to have 20+ strawberry plants. The other good news? We got tons of rain yesterday and today, and they're already growing like crazy. One of these days, we're going to have strawberry shortcake with homegrown strawberries!

(Banana Pepper)

The other exciting thing is that John and I picked out and planted all of these together. So it's not just my garden this time. It's OUR garden. (The chili peppers and Brandywine tomatoes were John's garden picks). He didn't have gloves so I did most of the plant-into-dirt bit, but he filled pot after pot with potting soil (a mix of the moisture control kind and regular potting soil). I'm really excited about taking care of the garden together (and that I can say, "hey, it's your turn to water this time" ;) )

We also decided to go ahead and put all the plants in the sunniest part of the yard. They do kind of cut into Callie's space, but so far she's only knocked one over (and hasn't chomped on one yet).

I also resisted the desire to buy a bunch of flowers. Last year, I went way overboard with flowers. Then I got sick of watering them all (sometime in July) and left them all to die. I'd like to get two hanging baskets for the porch, but (to avoid last year's massacre) I think that'll be about it.

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