Monday, January 02, 2012


Happy New Year!

My resolutions:
1) Exercise 3 times a week
2) Clean up 15 mins a day
3) Walk a dog once a week

What I'm looking forward to:
Fun home improvements (new curtains, hang pictures, etc.)
Getting more settled in our house and new jobs
Knocking out more classes toward my degree
Having a fence for our backyard (as soon as the ground thaws!)
Second season of Downton Abbey on PBS (less than a week!)

What I'd like to learn in 2012:
How to cook eggs
Good slow cooker recipes
Mad piano-playing skills

Firsts from 2011:
Buying our first house
Getting laid off (ugh!)
Learning programming (Visual Basic)
My own laptop (no more hand-me-down desktop for me!)
My own piano
Went to my first auction
Going to New Jersey and New York City

Favorite things in 2011:
Top Gear on Netflix (also American Pickers and Bones)
Yoga and Zumba classes at the Community Center
Visiting Bren in NJ and going to NYC
Second-hand shopping in Brookings
The Hairpin
Squirrel Nut Zippers Pandora Station (especially when cleaning/cooking)
David Wax Museum
John's homebrewed cider
Girls' trip to the Black Hills (which I never blogged(?), but here's a pic...)


Stina said...

I love your lists! They make me happy. I should recommend some good slow cooker recipes. I have a few. :)

Abbie said...

That would be great, Christina! I'll take them by link/email/facebook whichever =)