Sunday, August 16, 2009

Dogsitting at Nancy's

Callie and Brady--just chilling.

On Friday, I went out to Nancy's house to dog-sit for the weekend and brought Callie with me. She had a great time running around with Brady, exploring the woods, and getting muddy in the creek.

While she was wearing herself out, I was knitting, knitting, knitting and watching LOTS of cable TV. I finished my first Jaywalker sock (but it's a little messed up-laddering-ugh!) and started on my Aran Accent Vest (which I really think is going to be too big-double ugh!I may have to frog it and try a different yarn). On the plus side, I did start reading from a chart for the very first time!

I also took some pictures...

This picture doesn't show the shallow cow-pond off to my left--the one that Callie decided she needed to swim in. What can I say? She LOVES smelly stuff. Unfortunately for her, she smelled so bad that she had to stay outside all afternoon, and then get soaped up twice with coconut-smelling shampoo (and that first wash smelled like coconuts AND cow poop--yuck!)

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