Sunday, August 23, 2009

What is this mess?

We're moving to a new rental house this week, and this is just the beginning of all the packing we need to do. We got the keys last night, so I'm going to start moving stuff today (John has to work all day--so he's off the hook).

I'm so excited about the house I wish I could move EVERYTHING today. It has closets! Lots and lots of closets! It has a completely dry basement AND pipes that don't freeze in the winter. It also has a bigger kitchen, an upstairs bedroom-a.k.a John's Man Cave (which will be complete with guns, computers, and a tv) and another room we can use for guests (and maybe a little knitting, sewing, and photography gear). So excited!!

On a side note, I think this town sets me up for REALLY low expectations when it comes to houses. I swear, I dream that one day (one sweet day) I'll have central air-conditioning and a dishwasher. High aspirations, right? ;)

When I'm not packing, I've been working on... Aran Accent Vest (made with Donegal Tweed Homespun yarn). It's the first knitted garment I've ever worked on. I'm really happy with it so far (but have to take a break because I'm confused about the decreases--I'm waiting for reinforcements ;) ).

I just realized earlier this week that I've been knitting for 4 1/2 years. 4 1/2! I couldn't believe it's been that long (guess I've always thought of myself as a newbie knitter). Guess it's time to start trying some harder patterns.

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