Monday, August 03, 2009


John's birthday cake!

(Two layer, from scratch yellow cake with homemade chocolate frosting)

Recipe here

My first two layer, first yellow cake, and first time doing all the tricks to make it pretty. I could just show the picture and let you assume that I was totally cool and confident during the whole baking process, but that wasn't entirely the case.

I made the cake the night before and was convinced they were burning and looked like "mutant cake" (put too much batter in each pan so they got really tall). Then it was time to make the frosting before the party, and I was a quarter cup short on sour cream. John thought it'd be fine without it (I was not convinced), so he made a quick trip to the grocery store (thanks John!).



Stina said...

You rock! My cakes never turn out so perfect...or anywhere close!

Abbie said...

Thanks! The layer cake tips I linked were really helpful for me, especially freezing the layers for about 30 minutes before trying to level them off or frost them and also putting a base coat (crumb coat) of frosting first to cover the cake and then making a smooth second layer over that. It worked like a charm! (It also helps to have some expert assistance in the kitchen ;) )