Sunday, July 11, 2010

Corn Palace

We were going to Mitchell to go to Cabela's, so I dragged John to the Corn Palace. It was kind of neat to see a building decorated with corn (though I think John is allergic to the whole deal), but the atmosphere was the best. There were cars in the parking lot from all over (New York, Missouri, Ohio) and big-time vacation feeling in the air. And they were playing "There's a Tear in my Beer" from one of the casinos on Main Street.

I offered to take pictures for a couple guys, and then they took one of us...somehow, acting like tourists made it feel like we were on vacation (instead of just an hour from our house)

After Cabela's, I was starving. John had heard good things about Chef Louie's Steakhouse, so we went there. I was expecting steak fries and maybe a pulled-pork sandwich...then I saw all the white tablecloths, the chandelier, the wine lists...waaaay nicer than we were expecting (thank goodness nice restaurants here aren't all that expensive). John decided it was an impromptu date and we had the best meal we've had so far (barring the meals John cooks). Definitely going back!

On the way home, John saw an SUV with Ohio plates and a buckeye sticker in the back window (Ohio State). He had me grab a piece of paper and wrote "O - H" on it (it's an Ohio State thing). I held it up in the window as we passed the Ohio car. I was too embarrassed to look, but John said the people in the car just looked a little confused.

We were talking about something else when a car pulled up next to us--the Ohio car with "I - O" written on a piece of paper held up to the window! We laughed and clapped and John gave them a thumbs up.

It was so cool to make that connection with another car driving down the road--makes the world seem small instead of so big.


Stina said...

Sounds like a fun trip. I love that you held up the sign. We get excited when we see other BYU fans out of state. Or, I get excited to see Kansas plates here! Sounds like you're having a fun summer. Wish we could've had dinner with you guys at the restaurant. It sounded amazing!

Abbie said...

I know the feeling! I get excited to see Jayhawk sweatshirts and car stickers (although the last person we saw with a HUGE jayhawk sticker on their car flipped my Dad off--can't quite figure out why--I don't think they were a true KU fan ;) ) I saw a girl with an Ohio U sweatshirt at a 4-H event (it was just random though, I'm guessing she got it second hand--but still exciting!)

Sonja said...

Hi Abbie. We drove to California and just came back. On the way home we passed not too far from you (we took I-80 all the way to Illinois). It's so cool that the corn palace is only an hour away from your house. We saw cabela's all over the place in Wyoming and Nebraska, even one with a water tower (must have been the headquarters), but we'd never heard about them before :)

There was a couple in the street next to my MIL that had two Britneys, just like you and John. They did come after my MIL's dogs (and one jumped the hedge) but they looked a lot like Callie.

Abbie said...

Hey Sonja!

What a fun trip (and long) trip--you went near where I used to live and work in Wyoming I bet (lived in Saratoga and worked in Rawlins--both west of Laramie on 80).

I think the Cabelas in Omaha is the headquarters? Maybe... John really likes them because they have all sorts of hunting and fishing stuff. I'm a little surprised it took us this long to get to the one in Mitchell.


Sonja said...

We camped in Rawlins! I didn't know you used to live in Wyoming. It sure was windy there ;)

We almost went to Lawrence, Kansas, but eventually decided to go straight home. It would have been cool to see where Clint used to live and to visit the Yarn Barn, but I guess we´ll have to save that for another trip.

Abbie said...

How cool that you camped there! It IS really windy--I didn't know wind could tear a semi-truck in half (after blowing it off the road)until I lived in Wyoming.

Lawrence is a really fun place--if you do have a chance to get there, I could make a big long list of the best places to go (I'm sure Clint could too)