Saturday, July 17, 2010

Garden update!

Everything keeps getting bigger and taller! We've just been watering, and John dusted the brussel sprouts and beets with Sevin to keep the bugs away.

John also harvested our first beets and onion for dinner last Sunday! The beets were good, and the onion was little (but we were all out and he needed it for the pasta).

Turns out we just weren't looking hard enough for the Brandywine tomatoes. There are a bunch of them--just hidden down behind all the leaves.

We also overlooked these huge cucumbers until two days ago (were too excited over the pickle-sized one on the front of the plant to look any farther).

Our beans are doing great--and the squash is still doing okay. I'm concerned we may lose them all (again--UGH powdery mildew!).

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